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Our Mission

"Deep & Beyond creates opportunities for people with disabilities and disadvantaged youth to explore nature, participate in adventure activities, and experience freedom."

Upcoming Events

There are no upcoming events at this time.

Our Programs

  • Adventure Camp
  • Snorkel Day


  • “My kids are more aware of how to handle and treat sea life. It was very positive and team work was enforced. Very TRIUMPHANT!” – Adventure Camp Parent

  • “I had an awesome experience!”– Adventure Camper

  • “Adventure camp gave us a break from the children and with Deep & Beyond we felt our children were safe and in real good hands” – Adventure Camp Parent

  • “Max had his first fishing and boating experience. He said it was his best day ever and came home with two fish.” – Adventure Camp Parent

  • “It was an experience beyond compare. My husband and I felt that it was awesome that our children was able to enjoy outdoor activities, learn to appreciate the ocean and sea life and it was very educational!!”    – Adventure Camp Parent

  • “You are very good people… because you don’t beat us, don’t yell at us and you give us a lunch…” – Adventure Camper

  • “Thank you for doing this for the community!”  – Observer

  • “That is why we do what we do, to change lives and to be the hands and feet of Christ!!!!” – Volunteer

  • “I am shocked that this event is FREE, but even if there were a cost I would still have brought my friend!”  – Caregiver of an adult with a disability

  • “I really had an enjoyable time and I am delighted for the invitation and would like to come back again.”  – Dad of a special needs boy

  • “You all do not know how much this event has meant to our family; we count down the days until snorkel day!” – Debbie, a mom of a participant, with tears flowing

  • “Because of your program he is no longer afraid of waves at the beach! Thank you!” – Chauncey Andrade – Participant’s Mom

  • “I love it!” she went from flat affect to expressing joy and freedom in her whole demeanor.”    – Special needs participant 

  • “It has brought healing after his heart surgery to be in the ocean and to enjoy surfing with the volunteers.”    – Mother of a son with a disability

  • “Laurel counts down the days every month to come see us and other friends that she has made through Snorkel day. Her eyes just light up with complete joy!” – Volunteer

  • “I don’t remember ever walking to a group event where I felt so cared for and loved, like I do at Snorkel day once a month.  I truly feels valued as an individual and that means the world to me.”  – Post polio participant

  • “I will remember this day forever, thank you so so much!” – Teresa on vacation, observing from the beach

  • “I definitely will be there. I wouldn’t miss the chance to be with such awesome people in such an awesome place. I thank all of you for your open arms and hearts, you are all wonderful don’t ever forget that…..See you there” – Paraplegic participant

  • “Mahalo Nui again to you, your staff and volunteers for a fantastic snorkel day. Your commitment to bettering the lives of the disabled makes life a whole lot more fun and exciting.” – Double amputee participant

  • “WE SIGNED Y`ALL a card to say thank you. I enjoy snorkel day because of the friends there. They are good but not bad.” – Participant

  • “I like going to snorkel day because I like seeing the fish. The volunteers are good and friendly. I feel safe and confident getting in and out of the water with them. There are good friends there, and the food is great too!” – Participant

  • “Dear Deep and Beyond: As an Aide I was very impressed how you provided our participants with a safe and non-judgmental environment while having a great snorkeling adventure with food and fun!!”  –Vicki, Caregiver

  • Deep and Beyond: I have fun at snorkel day when you help me go in the water. The volunteers gave me a starfish and crab to hold. It was awesome!” – Participant

  • “I like to go to snorkel day because it’s nice to go in the water. The volunteers are helpful and wonderful.” – Participant

  • “Deep and Beyond has developed and maintained a fabulous event for people of all abilities. We feel very thankful to be able to access this wonderful resource right here in Kailua Kona. Thank you so much, and keep up the great work!”   – Giuse, Caregiver